Ceramic Animal

A couple a’ nasty boys from outside of Philadelphia.

The music: bring people together, make people sing, make people dance. Make people want to kiss their secret crush and do the big things they daydream about. Remind people of someone they really miss.  It’s thoughtful and it’s driving. It’s punchy and it’s rounded. It will grab you by the scruff of your neck and also hold your hand if you need it. You’ve heard it before and it’s completely new to you. It’s the monolith in an empty field with stormy skies from your dream, but it’s different in person… Bigger. Louder. More knee slides. The band itself: Ceramic Animal are more than men…. They are nasty boys. The group consists of five brothers, but only three of them are related: Christ Regan (Vox, guitar), Elliott Regan (keyboard, vox), Erik Regan (drums), Dallas Hosey (Bass), and Anthony Marchione (guitar). 

The Regan Brothers grew up playing music, not necessarily with each other, until finally they got it together. Anthony, Chris and their doubleteam songwriting go back decades. Dallas had the right skills at the right time in the right place and tied his destiny to Ceramic Animal when they needed him most. 

In addition to being excellent at bass and whistling, Dallas also knows every song.

Responsible Agent: Troy Lusk 

Territory: Worldwide excl. Europe