Emerging from the sprawling Central Coast of California, Honeyboys specialize in bringing together disparate sounds and genres in a fun and innovative way. Their sound is encompassing and eclectic, with a variety of harmonies, distinct chord progressions, and upbeat
tempos. Focused on creating an innate sense of optimism in their writing and performances, Honeyboys blend jazz, pop, indie rock, and psychedelic influences into a cohesive sound. For the five-person band, their story is a uniquely Gen-Z one – starting with social media follows, DM conversations, and Zoom sessions. The band consists of lead singer Ari Eisenberg from Napa, guitarist Reese Garnder from Boston, keyboardist Grady Gallagher from Germany, drummer Matt Sato from San Carlos California, bassist Nick Reeves from the Seattle area, and saxophonist Nathan Stanley from Walnut Creek.

Responsible Agent: KYLE ESBIN